Ready to get more out of life?

If you could do it alone, you'd have already done it

Traveling is your passion, but you have so many things going on in your head, that life always gets in the way.

If only you could travel more with your current time and budget!

And why not? If you could also make new and cool friends from all around the world!

You feel stuck, you feel frustrated. You know that life is more than work to pay the bills.

But how can you get it all? How can you travel and live life at its fullest, as well as keeping with your obligations?

How can you enjoy more quality time with your family and friends while creating memories that last forever?

If you are looking for a life that fulfills you more, you'll need to do things differently.

Don't let your dreams and desires in the hands of destiny, and take the lead of your life. Take action in the direction your soul is calling you towards.

Let professionals help you and make you accountable. That's the way to get results.

My services are most effective for those who:  

  • Want to travel more, but life gets always on their way 
  • Are interested in discovering new places, and meeting new and diverse people
  • If won the lottery, they'd spend the rest of their life exploring the world.  



My name is Sonia Cruz Oró and TRAVEL is my passion.

However, it was only a couple of years ago when I really made the decision to follow my dreams... and looking backward I can only say: "What a ride this journey has been!" And actually, it continues to be, because we are all a work in progress, aren't we?

My background is IT, I've been working in the corporate world for nearly 20 years -mostly in a managerial position. But much more than computers my real vocation has always been people. This is why -despite my full-time job- I managed to get my Psychology degree and my Master’s in Leadership in my spare time.

And people used to ask me how could I find the time, the discipline, the will power... Well, it's the same reason why I traveled to eleven countries last year: because I love what I am doing!

What I've realized during my own experiences and challenges is that what worked for me can actually work for so many others! So why not use this knowledge to help all those people who are in the same situation?

Because in the end, this is not about ourselves, it's about all the people we can serve in our journey.



Do you want to TRAVEL MORE, but life always gets in the way?

Having a PLAN (that works) to realize your ambition to get out there in the world, will give you the confidence you need to live your life on your own terms.

Because knowledge is the precursor to experience, you need to create a STRATEGY that helps you to make the right choices. And in this FREE session, I'll provide you with the tools you need to develop a proposition that works for you.

After this webinar, you will gain the insights you need to achieve CLARITY, and this is half of the battle when it comes to living your most enriching life.

Your heart knows what your deepest PASSION is, but you don't always give yourself permission to go after it.



Looking to GROW to your next level, but not knowing how to get rid of your own limitations?

Discover why this book reached #1 in the Best Selling Books for its category in Amazon just a few hours after its launch! And now you can have it for FREE!

This book will take you through the main 7 chapters that you need to understand and implement to CHANGE what's holding you back and achieve ANYTHING that you desire in your life.

The great news is that all the information has been already SUMMARISED for you, so you don't need to invest lots of time or read hundreds of books to learn the system - you'll go straight to the point!

Download your free copy NOW and start the journey that will bring you the awareness needed to make that shift you are looking for.

"Having a travel strategy totally upgraded the quality of my travel. In 3 years and a half, I have traveled 68 times!

But the best thing for me is all the lovely people I met here including my love. Now we travel the world together."


" 'How to create the life you desire' is a great summary, a quick guide for those who really want to take action and have the life of their dreams.

Thank you very much Sonia! It came at the right moment."



Download this meditation to design your dream travel-life without limitations.



Discover how I can help you to unleash your fullest life and travel all around the globe.